Xlibris, the leader of the self-publishing world, launches the Xlibris Writer’s Workshop.


This Xlibris Writer’s Workshop is designed to help you write and publish your book. You may have thought about it for years, or the idea just came to you in a flash of creative inspiration. Nevertheless, you can always use some help with your dream to become a successfully published author.


Do you have the skills, knowledge and the wherewithal to get it down on paper, to edit the manuscript, to design the cover and contents, to promote the finished book, and finally sell it? This is where the Xlibris Writers Workshop, coupled with Xlibris’ professional team, can help.


We intend to fill this Xlibris Writer’s Workshop with all manner of tips and advice across the whole spectrum of publishing, from writing itself, to book editing and to selling books. In addition, any inputs from you — our writers, authors and customers — will be greatly appreciated.


The road to publishing success can be a hard one, and we at Xlibris are determined to help wherever we can. This is part of our ongoing desire and objective to make the publishing process as painless as possible.